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HvK-Gaming has been around since 2005, we were initially called "Clan HaVoK" as we were a Runescape PKing clan. We were the original kings of luring, we had no rules and no mercy for the fallen. Since then we have made changes and expanded into other games. Our main goal has never been to be competitive, but to have fun without the seriousness of most clans. We have always trusted our members to speak their minds and give us their opinions rather than to force our rules on them. We simply ask for respect and common sense of our members, nothing more.

HaVoK has grown from a clan to a community, and with time our members have branched out into other games. However we hate to see friends having to choose between two groups and wanted to keep them as members with no conflicts of other teams/clans/guilds, converting our clan into a community allows us to do so. If you're a gamer in general and you are not looking for heavy competition, but just a place to kick back and roll face, HaVoK may just be for you. Here is what to expect from HvK-Gaming

An interesting community
While most forums believe in daisies and holding hands to keep the peace, we're a bit different. We don't purposely try to talk down to someone or make them feel uncomfortable/unwanted, but we do like to keep things interesting. So if you are thinking about joining, please be willing to take a joke and not offense to anything anyone tells you, especially Smoka Cola.

Not only do we have our website and forums, we also have a Teamspeak 3 server, as well as Steam and Xfire groups. We believe it is key to communicate when gaming, you have a much better sense of what others are thinking and it is a recipe for hilarity when you're gaming with enough people. So please feel free to join our Teamspeak 3 server.

To make sure you're always connected, use "ts.hvk-gaming.com" for the address instead.

Currently we are trying to keep our website and servers ad-free, over time this may change as new hardware will be needed, and we may start having contest with real world prizes.

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Aug 27, 17
Hopefully you can get something to replace it soon, i opted out of having my tooth removed due to the nerve still being a problem, also your teeth will shift over time causing more problems.
Aug 28, 17
I know but only had 2 options. Get another root canal or have it removed. I can't afford the $1200 root canal so did the removal. If the VA ever decides to stop being cunts, I'll get my insurance and can have my whole moutt fixed.
Aug 29, 17
yeah that sucks man, hopefully they can get something sorted.
Aug 29, 17
Wtf is with the dental system over there, I had a root canal last year and didn't cost close to even half that ammount >.>
Aug 29, 17
Everything medical wise here costs a fortune. It's stupid as fuck
Aug 30, 17
You could literally fly to Spain, get an operation done, spend a week exploring the country, and head back to the US for less than the cost of that operation in the US
Aug 30, 17
Insurance BS kills everything here sadly
Aug 30, 17
@Khane it's a bullshit system. My surgeries were only like $200 out of pocket and the dental work for one tooth was $700.
Aug 30, 17
We have a Destiny 2 clan now https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2/Chat?groupId=2121220 feel free to join up!
Aug 31, 17
Had to make a new Bungie account cuz I forgot the info that my old one used from Destiny 1.
Aug 31, 17
Meanwhile a dental appointment here costs like 5 bucks lol
Aug 31, 17
Thank god don't have to worry about the US's moronic health system.
Sep 6, 17
It's back YAY
Yeah i bought some days for it
Sep 6, 17
I'll be online til bout Saturday or Sunday then will be shutting everything down and switching the breaker off. This sucks
Sep 7, 17
as long as you stay safe bro
Sep 7, 17
Its expected to hit my area around sunday afternoon. rip me
Sep 8, 17
It's gonna be a crazy weekend.
Sep 8, 17
Why am I at 666 profile views ?
Sep 9, 17
The devil paid a visit to your profile, he was the 666th visitor
Sep 9, 17
it was Irma saying Hi
Sep 12, 17
My power has come back on and am loving this AC gain. Was 80 degrees in my house. But damage is mostly downed trees and shingles everywhere. That was the scariest and most unusual hurricane I've ever been thru.
Sep 12, 17
We got nothing like the predictions were gonna be where I'm at, hell, it didn't even rain hard that I noticed.
Sep 14, 17
I'm glad you got through it mostly unscathed. We just got power back about 30 minutes ago after 90 hours total without power. Props to the power company and the lineman working.
Sep 14, 17
The only damage we got was a downed tree in our driveway and a piece of the ceiling from our front porch.
Sep 14, 17
Well that's good. Glad to see the bread hasn't gone soggy from the storm.
Sep 15, 17
My bread is as soft and fluffy as before the storm. No worries
Sat at 9:21
mmmmmmm fluffy bread
17 hours ago
I'm so ready for next week. Official moving day is the 26th and should be done by the 29th. Can't wait to be out of this place.
10 hours ago
ahh, running away scared huh? Brave brave Sir Robin so bravely ran away
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