Thank you Donators!
Thank you for donating to HvK Gaming! Your financial contribution makes it possible for us to share the financial impact of running this community among our members instead of relying on one or two people to fund our fun. In particular, your donations make our website and TeamSpeak possible -- our two primary means of providing a community based platform where you can socially interact and play games together.

Your donation is also a shining example of the trust and faith you have in our community and those who are running it. Trust that we are responsibly spending donations in support of our community and faith that we will continue to push ahead with efforts to improve and maintain what is already in place. Rest assured we will never take your donation for granted and you will never have anything less than our full gratitude for contributing.

We understand that not everyone can donate financially, but instead share their time, effort, and ideas with us; however, we also believe in the importance of rewarding those who are going that extra mile to contribute.  We are in the process of revamping the way we do our donator awards -- be sure and check back soon for updates on the way ahead!

Thank you for being a part of the HvK Gaming Community!