So to clear up confusion and make things easier for people, I decided to add Owners/Admins/Moderators to this post. You can go to any of the following people if you have questions about HvK, whether it be our rules, what IP our servers are, if you just need general gaming guidance.

Owners | owner.png
  • SmokaCola
  • RG (RuneGirlie)
  • Unfaithful Sin

Admins | admin.png
  • BreadForMen (Brad)
  • DarkLiberator
  • Jo0ni
  • vFreezy

Moderators | moderator.png
  • Harley
  • Barricade

Temporary Moderators | tempmoderator.png

We will always follow this color code if a game provides it. If you've been on our minecraft server, you've probably seen the colors before. As stated, these are the people you should look out for when you need any sort of help. If they are unable to help you, make sure you find out why and report it to me or another owner so we can fix the issue.